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The Council of the Elders

There are times in medicine and surgery that an external opinion, a fresh eye, a piece of advice from a senior can make the difference between a right or an uncertain decision.

Throughout medicine the role of the master and apprentice has been well established. Moreover, the concept of the multidisciplinary approach has been adopted in modern practice. Nowadays its even more important that we revisit our roots as a discipline and continue to engage with the knowledge, experience and expertise of our senior colleagues, for their contribution to our everyday practice not only improves the quality of our clinical acumen but also safeguards our patients.

During laparoscopic treatment to deep pelvic endometriosis the endoscopic surgeon after ureterolysis and excision of endometriosis from the pelvic side wall was uncertain about the condition of the ureter. Senior colleagues with expertise in urology provided an ad hoc multidisciplinary assessment and suggestions for further management. Following their evaluation the ureteric integrity was confirmed and no adverse outcomes occurred.

The Council of the Elders

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