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4th Advanced Lap Suturing course

For the fourth consecutive year, on the 13th of December 2019, we delivered our promise for quality laparoscopic training in our state of the art facilities in Central London.

Another very well received, successful course with ample opportunities for hands-on training and individualised tuition.

Many thanks to our faculty and the SIC team for their on-going support.

Feedback was again excellent for course organisation, content and our faculty.

Comments included:

Most useful?

“Hands on practice with supervision was most useful” “Practice was most useful, Marianne was great, thank you!”

“Loading techniques were most useful”

“Knot tying practice was most useful”

“Teaching, tips & theory were most useful”

“Wet models and theory were most useful”

Least useful?

“Wet lab practice was really difficult”

“Extracorporeal suturing was the least useful, as not seen anyone use it”

What else would you like to see include?

“Would like to see a session on electrosurgery, although beyond the scope of this course”

“Would like to see a problem-solving & when not to suture”


“Laparoscopic suturing is something that will come with more practice & this course gave me hope to achieve my targets towards being better at laparoscopy”

“Theoretical & hands on was taught in a very coherent way” “Very well organized course” “Excellent, informative and enjoyable – Thank you!”

“Excellent course, may be slow motion videos can be considered”

“Very good course, will recommend to others”

“Excellent music!”

13th of December 2019 - 4th Lap Suturing Course Group

"When you enjoy what you do, it shows"

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